Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Casting my mind back to high school science I am reminded of the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Energy may neither created nor destroyed.

Humans can't make energy. We can't conjure it, fashion it, build it, construct it or formulate it. And much unlike a vast number of other naturally occurring phenomena, we can't destroy it either. Though I'm sure the human race would give it a red hot go given half a chance.

But what does this mean for all the negative, nervous, anxious energy I carry around with me on a daily basis? When I get tired of carrying it, but can't destroy it or put it down, what can I do with it?

The answer is channelling.

I'm having a particularly difficult time with the First Mate at the moment and I am one big walking, talking ball of tightly knotted negative energy. And it's heavy. And I'm getting tired of lugging it around with me.

Then this afternoon, in a stroke of luck/ coincidence/ blessing from the universe, I stumbled across the most stunningly beautiful magazine. I mean, without a word of a lie, spying the cover caused me to let out a little gasp of pleasure right there in my local news agent.

Flow. Magazine for paper lovers. That's me. I'm a paper lover. For as long as I can remember, the sight, touch and smell of gorgeous papers, pretty ribbons and various adhesive products has caused somewhat of a Pavlovian response in me.

Walking into Kikki K or the Kaisercraft store fills me with far more excitement than I should probably admit to.

Sitting at my craft desk mulling over my latest work for PaperCuts Cards and Creations is probably the closest I will ever come to a divine experience.

As I reached over to caress this new gift from Magazine heaven, I felt a shift in energy.

As if this other worldly experience weren't enough, I came home to find baby, harp playing cherubs flitting charmingly around my letter box.

Could it be??  Oh my goodness!

Another gift from the heavens! (Or at least a very lovely friend who unknowingly had impeccable timing). The Stampin! Up 2013 catalogue. Yay!

Slowly, as I paw over these two splendid publications, my negative energy is being channelled into creative energy. I'm being inspired and oddly fulfilled in a way that only textured cardstock and clear acrylic stamps can do.

Tomorrow will still be there. As will all the stressors that feed my anxiety and make me feel that all is utterly futile. But tonight, at least for a few hours, I feel lighter. And maybe it will make tomorrows load of energy a little easier to carry.

The Captain.


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