Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Back here I spoke about the importance of morale.  Here's a few things boosting my morale at the moment.

 Nutella Cupcakes

Just three ingredients folks!

No, I'm not kidding.

A friend posted them on Facebook and there was no way I wasn't trying those bad boys out.
These ones are straight out of my kitchen but head here for the original recipe.

New Rug

Gotta love the Rocklea Markets. 

My great new bargin rug brightens the place up a bit.

Auslan Books

So excited that my new Auslan books have arrived from Deaf Australia.

I learned Signed English many, many years ago but this year have been doing an Auslan course (Signed English and Auslan- not the same thing).

I'm loving feeling more and more confident with my Auslan communication skills.

New scarves

Another market bargain- five scarves for $20. How could I resist.

Especially after the First Mate reminded me to make sure I bought a black one, not just coloured ones because 'black goes with everything Mum'.

I love scarves.

I love scarves so much I might even devote an entire post to them.

Stay tuned for that :-)

What's boosting your morale today?

The Captain.

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  1. I love it all! You really are so clever with language learning. My head is like a sieve. You have given me inspiration to revisit the few bits and pieces I was taught! How good are the scarves!!?? I have to stay clear of the Nigella's - I'm almost bursting centre back seams!


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