Friday, 20 June 2014

A few months ago I visited the local Education Campus, as I have done many times before, only to find this....

I'd heard of yarn bombing before but this was the first time I've seen it first hand. And can I tell you, I totally love it! How can you not smile when such beautiful craft work just pops up overnight somewhere completely unexpected.

Check out some of these gorgeous yarn bombs from all around the globe.

Guerilla Knitting / Yarn bombing outside the Wild Poppy Cafe, Australia by Figgles1, via Flickr

What an amazing way to spread joy around the community. Have you seen any gorgeous yarn bombing in your area?

The Captain.

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  1. Why does the bus interior and witches hat make me laugh!!!!??
    What is wrong with me???
    I love it. Do a yarn bomb project at C's school....I know, you are too busy with polyglot studies. When you finish...

  2. I'd totally like to give it a go Flora. I'm not sure if I'm organised to do it well but rest assured, if I do try my hand, you'll be one of the first to know!


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