Monday, 24 June 2013

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for ages.  I even set one up a few years ago but never actually posted anything.

Many people have told me I should write. Maybe because they think I have something interesting to say, maybe because they are sick of hearing me talk about myself and hope that by me having another platform it lets them off the hook!

Either way, I’ve finally decided to give it a crack.

But where do I start?  What kind of blog do I want to write?  All the “How to write a great blog” articles say you should write about something specific. Have a theme, a niche audience, a gimmick. Alrighty then.

I’m a sole parent.  I have been since I was pregnant.  My son (the 6 year old First Mate) has ADHD. I have battled post natal depression. Somehow, we are both still standing.  There is a blog in that I reckon....

I work. I work at what I will refer to as the chalkface, a great term I have affectionately pilfered from my good friend Flora Fascinata. My job is a crazy mix of amazing fulfilment and brain numbing monotony. There is a blog in that I reckon....

I love language and culture. I love learning how to speak (or sign!) other languages. I love listening to people talk about their culture, their customs, and their beliefs.  I want to experience the world. Because I was foolish enough to drop out of uni when I was young, I’m now trying to catch up by studying part time. It’s hard. It’s fascinating. It’s stressful. It’s rewarding.  There is a blog in that I reckon....

I’m in lust with paper. Beautiful paper. I make cards, invitations, gifts. Anything that requires me to cut out little bits of fancy paper and glue them together.  On occasion I sell my wares and am hoping to grow this venture.  There is a blog in that I reckon....

I cook. A lot. Probably too much considering there are only two people living in my house.  I’m passionate about the financial and physical benefits of home cooked food. I am forever looking for ways to produce inexpensive, simple food that passes both mine and the First Mates checklists. And when I do, I like to share them with every living person I know. There is a blog in that I reckon....

So friends, this is why I have stumbled at the starting blocks of blog writing. What’s my theme, my focus?

I’ve finally decided to throw caution to the wind and say bugger the ‘experts’. I’m going to write about everything. The whole kit and caboodle. People are a sum of their parts and my world has many insanely complex, deliciously entertaining and surprising uplifting parts.

If you stay tuned long enough you’ll probably hear about how I hate to hang out washing but I don’t mind cleaning the shower. I’ll share how it feels to have your heart broken by a little boy so distressed about school it’s a daily battle to get him there. 

No doubt I will want to show off my latest card creations and boast about the big bulk cook up I’ve just done. You can commiserate with me when I’m up till all hours trying to finish a uni assignment and have to start work early the next morning. 

And maybe I’ll be echoing your own thoughts as I document the trials, tribulations and triumphs of everyday life as a single mum.

Who knows what will happen and where we'll end up. All I can say is..... Cover me! I’m going in!

The Captain.


  1. He, he, I am so competive! First member and first to comment. I am excited. :D!

  2. And no doubt my biggest supporter Flora :-)


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