Friday, 30 May 2014

So, some exciting news! My sister, Miss Boo, has literally come from the other side of the country to join First Mate and I in our sea change adventure. She's lived away from the family for several years now so needless to say I'm uber excited to have her back in close proximity.

Miss Boo and I are quite different individuals to say the least but one thing we do share is our love of op-shops.  We have started to suss out the best second hand stores around our new town. 

Half the fun of op-shopping is just checking out the weird and wonderful things that people have once owned, but we certainly enjoyed picking up some cute little bargains in the process.

How amazing is this beautiful organ.  We had an organ in the house when I was growing up but it was no where near as extravagant as this one! 

Such a sweet old sewing machine. Miss Boo just so happens to be in the market for a new sewing machine and had it actually worked I think the funky retro-ness (is that even a word?!) of this one might have proven too hard for her to resist.

However, we did each succumb to a vintage handbag.  Miss Boo models hers above and mine looks darling on my accessories ladder. Not bad for $4!

But my most exciting find was this gorgeous old solid timber cupboard for $50. I instantly fell in love with it's square shape and solid features. 

It's only taken me two days but I've finally managed to rearrange all my furniture to fit it into my house! 
You haven't heard the last of my new favourite wardrobe.......

Yours from the trenches,
The Captain.


  1. I love the old organ. It's beautifully carved. Good purchase regarding the timber cupboard. Have you found there's more things and they're are not quite as picked over? Exciting times, you should trawl regularly, even if you don't purchase. Miss Boo has a fabulous retro vintage glamour style and I want to see her frocked up soon! Keep organising. Do you need a tassel for the key? I miss you and ways of working. Xx

  2. Miss Boo certainly does have some fabulous style. I think we will definitely go trawling regularly. Starting tomorrow actually because there is a big Collectors Fair here this weekend :-)
    A tassel for the key sound AWESOME! I'm totally missing you too Flora!!


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