Friday, 30 May 2014

I am very blessed, that despite all things First Mate 'hates' about school, reading isn't one of them. He spends a great deal of time pouring over books of practically any genre and we are frequent flyers at the local book shop.

This is something I want to embrace and encourage.

My quirky little man also has a penchant for cosy little spaces. He is for ever dragging out sheets to build cubby houses and has a toy box full of blankets beside his bed which he uses to build his 'nest' every night before he goes to sleep.

Enter the new reading teepee I surprised First Mate with this afternoon. 

I'm totally in love with its cute design and bright colours.
And for just $19 at K Mart, how could I go wrong?

I couldn't wait to see the look on First Mate's face when he got home from school.

As an added surprise I picked up the new Minecraft book First Mate has been begging me for for a few weeks now.

Favourite books close at hand for cosy bedtime reading.

Surprise! A very happy First Mate dives in to immediately christen the new reading teepee.

I just love his passion for reading. What a teepee treat!

Yours from the trenches,
The Captain

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  1. Oh, that's the best! Love, love the room set-up!
    Do I see a few parkour dents...a bandaid? X

  2. Yes indeedy Flora. Being a parkour super star certainly takes it's toll on ones body :-)

  3. Hi! I have been looking for something very similar - this was at Kmart? I just tried searching their online store but couldn't find it...I suppose it was in a physical store? Thanks!

  4. Hello, I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply to you. I bought the tent at a K Mart store in NSW. It was in the kids bedding section.
    Hope that helps :-)


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