Monday, 13 October 2014

Some months ago I took up crocheting and, as I tend to do, jumped in boots and all with the promise of a blanket for my sister Miss Boo. 

And then I discovered that crochet blankets take something I don't have in spades- patience and commitment. 

However, I am very, very pleased to be able to report my first blanket is finished!

Now, when I say blanket, it really is more of a lap quilt. The pattern I used is here.  I have altered the original pattern a little but I definitely have Chucks For Chancho to thank for inspiring my first finished major crochet project.

The Captain.

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  1. Cover me!!! You are not wrong!! Can I sound high-brow for a minute....I love the aesthetics of that blanket! It is gorgeous.
    Boy, I miss your ways.


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