Monday, 13 October 2014

First Mate turned 8 today (let's not even wonder about where those years have gone!) so it was decided that a Minecraft birthday cake was in order. 

I don't mind the whole 'kids birthday cake' thing to be honest. I'm pretty crafty and like a challenge so when the request came, I was happy to oblige. 

As with almost everything, I first turned to Pintrest for some creative inspiration. And I was not disappointed. 

It turns out that half the mothers in the world have been tasked with making Minecraft cakes and in true motherly style, have plastered their achievements all over social media. Because let's face it, no one will ever appreciate your efforts as much as another mother who had spent her night elbow deep in green icing, delicately carving the face of a Creeper out of chocolate twirls. 

I'd love to share the Pinterest pictures I used as inspiration for my cake but unfortunately I couldn't find the original sources to be able to give adequate credit to the original creators. 

Instead, please feel free to delight in the marvel that is First Mate's Minecraft birthday cake- a collaborative effort between myself and thousands of other Minecraft savvy mums from around the world!

And, just to do my bit for global cake making inspiration, here are a few other birthday cakes I've made over the years. 

Happy birthday First Mate!

The Captain.


  1. They are all fantastic! But, you knocked yourself with the archaeological dig cake.
    Xxxx:D xx


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